Melody Marler was instrumental in helping me capture my trademark and rebrand my Beach Money® book over the years. Melody oversaw my audiobook production, and worked side-by-side with me to create the Beach Money Journal. She does excellent work and has always exceeded my expectations for quality and value. Melody is easy to work with and very responsive to my needs. I highly recomJordan photo for MM websitemend her. Five stars!

JORDAN ADLER, network marketing millionaire, bestselling author of Beach Money, Beach Money Audiobook, Beach Money Journal




Melody was key in the launch of our Appreciation Marketing® brand. She played a major role in the look and feel of our product line, and was the driving force behind our audiobook and our Gratitude Journal. We’ve never worked with anyone as personable, as professional, and as competent as Melody Marler. She’s gifted!M with T&C round

TOMMY WYATT AND CURTIS LEWSEY, bestselling authors, Appreciation Marketing, Appreciation Marketing Audiobook, Gratitude Journal